I’m a programmer with over 10 years of experience experimenting with various web technologies. I enjoy taking calculated risks by pushing the boundaries of what’s thought to be possible by working closely with my team and never settling for the status quo. My focus is in developing scalable and maintainable application architectures by invoking industry best practices, design patterns, and creativity. I measure my work not in SLOC but rather cleanliness, simplicity, portability, and maintainability.


    Web Technologies

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ecmascript 5, Coffeescript, SASS, LESS, Stylus

    Server-side Technologies

    Node.js, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, Bash/ZSH

    Testing Tools

    Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit

    Version Control

    Git, SVN, StarTeam (ugh)


    Technology Lead

    Critical Mass — Chicago, IL, October 2011–Present

    • Designed a scalable JavaScript module management framework with 100% test coverage that enforced an architecture of highly decoupled modules which interfaced with the client’s content management system. This was accomplished by implementing patterns and technologies such as pub/sub, middleware, sandboxing, and require.js. This library was later refactored to remove the require.js dependency making it completely library agnostic.
    • Created and helped lead the development of a responsive design framework for a Fortune 100 brand to be used by 50+ developers. The framework made use of a custom designed grid system, icon font, SVG assets, touch/feature detection, and a responsive JavaScript framework to conditionally invoke behavior based on device profile.
    • Created a custom designed style framework by adapting various open-source projects such as HTML5 Boilerplate and Normalize.css as well as a custom grid system developed to be extended to allow for responsive design should the requirement be needed.
    • Led frontend developement of a major Fortune 100 brand’s website. Adapted our internal frontend coding conventions and best practices document to provide the client’s several dozens of developers with the resource they require to ensure code consistency and quality across several work streams. Also utilized Grunt and JSHint to help validate code consistency based on our document’s guidelines.
    • Responsible for performance management of four developers by helping guide career direction, biweekly or monthly 1x1 meetings, establishing goals, and annual reviews.

    Senior Developer

    Critical Mass — Chicago, IL, December 2009–October 2011

    • Developed a 44-page internal frontend coding conventions and best practices document. The document was created with the goal of standardizing and ensuring consistent code style and quality based on personal experience and industry standards. Everything from how for loops should be written to email development.
    • Developed a social application for Budweiser’s “Grab Some Buds” campaign to enable users to schedule Facebook events on Budweiser.com. The app created a roster of friends suggested based on relationship and interaction activity. The application leveraged CSS3 and the Facebook JavaScript client library.
    • Created a complex product finder tool that utilized AJAX and Canvas to create a high-performance application that worked not only on desktops but also popular tablets to find faucets and accessory products. Tablet part was technically out-of-scope, but accomplished anyway through the strict use of HTML5.
    • Worked with the client’s IT staff to help design a solution to allow the client’s version control system to ensure the greatest amount of code reuse across their web properties.
    • Led development for large projects on Moen by participating in estimation sessions, aiding in architectual decisions, and ensuring code quality.


    Critical Mass — Chicago, IL, February 2008–December 2009

    • Helped lead in directing a redesign project for Moen.com. Developed a number of complex product finder tools to help customers better discover and eventually convert by purchasing said products. Also implemented an analytics abstraction framework that included both Google Analytics and (now) Adobe SiteCatalyst to help enable best coding practices while making it trivial for analysts to further add other tagging strategies. Because who likes <a onclick="trackStuff()"/>?
    • Developed, from scratch, stockmananddakota.com. Created a Google Analytics abstraction to make it easier to add measurement.
    • Performed and documented a broad site audit of a redesigned Pampers.com to ensure the site performed well for end-users. The audit included measuring the amount of HTTP requests, RTTs, caching headers, and JavaScript profiling results.
    • Helped lead estimation and planning of a redesign project for SUPERVALU (albertsons.com, jewelosco.com, cub.com, and more) by working with the client’s technology department to produce HTML flats according to the client’s specifications as well as internal information architects and designers. The flats included numerous accessibility features such as a carousel and tabbed navigation that worked without the presence of JavaScript or CSS. The flats also included a Google Maps Enterprise implementation to help allow customers easily find their store locations.
    • Developed HTML emails for SUPERVALU and reduced email development process down from eight hours to a half hour through a set of text editor macros and automation scripts.


    Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago — Chicago, Illinois
    BFA in Web Design and Interactive Media with Honors, October 2008


    Available upon request. I promise you they loved working with me as much as I loved working with them.